ENGLISH LANGUAGE Communication Skill Training

This training programme covers Communicative English Language Skills.

Reading  /  Writing  /  Speaking  /  Presentation

   T R A I N I N G   O V E R V I E W

      Begins with a diagnostic assessment of trainees' existing knowledge and literacy.

      Training modules are designed on the premise that confidence and expertise in
        communication is gained through practical communication experiences using the
        conversational skills they have acquired. Vocabulary is also emphasized.

      HMS English Language Communication Skill Training has been proven successful in
        helping trainees' accuracy and fluency in speaking, active listening and developing
        proficiency in using communication techniques for practical and realistic purposes.

   W H O   I S   T H I S   P R O G R A M M E   F O R ?

       HMS English Language Communication Skill Training is recommended for
        Current Students (UPSR / PMR / SPM / STPM), Job Seekers and Working Adults.

   T R A I N I N G   M O D U L E S

       The Importance of English Communication
       Grammar, Vocabulary & Pronunciation
       Active Listening, Reading, Writing , Speaking & Presentation Skills
       Building Confidence in Public Speaking
       Practical Communication Role Play
       Reinforcement & Assessment

   T R A I N I N G   D U R A T I O N

       3 Months / 2 Lessons per week

   T O   R E G I S T E R

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   T R A I N I N G   L O C A T I O N

      PENINSULAR MALAYSIA:   Petaling Jaya  /  Ipoh  /  Johor Bahru
      EAST MALAYSIA:   Kota Kinabalu  /  Sandakan  /  Tawau  /  Kuching  /  Miri  /  Sibu

   T R A I N E E   A C C O M M O D A T I O N

       Currently available at Petaling Jaya & Kota Kinabalu training locations.
       Room Sharing Basis / Fully Furnished / Air Cond / Wifi / Laundry / Cooking Allowed.
       Refundable Deposit RM 200.00
       Monthly Rental RM 350.00 (Petaling Jaya) & RM 300.00 (Kota Kinabalu)

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