FAQ - Flight Attendant Career
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I want to be a flight attendant! Where do I start?
Is it compulsory to join such training before I can apply for a flight attendant job?
Why should I choose to study at HMS and not at other similar training providers?
What are the requirements to apply for the position of Flight Attendant?
What is an Open Interview?
Why do airlines have a height requirement?
Is it a must that I need a second language to apply for a Flight Attendant job?
Do I need prior customer service working experience to apply for a Flight Attendant job?
What are airlines looking for in a Flight Attendant candidate?
Do you assist in finding suitable accommodation for trainees from outstation?
After completing your training, which airline can I apply to?
Where are HMS training locations in Malaysia?
What are the courses / training available at HMS?
Am I guaranteed a job after your training?
When can I start training at HMS? I wear glasses. Will this disqualify me?
I have tattoo. Will this disqualify me?
Do you have to be really attractive and thin to be a flight attendant?
What is your best advice for an airline interview?
Why do I need to enroll in a course? I am confident enough! you may ask